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2016-07-08-18-25-24-2I am the Rock God of Podcasting and I have stories to tell!


So for my history. I started podcasting in the very early days of its conception. Former MTV VJ Adam Curry essentially created podcasting in early 2004 and I jumped right on board in August of 2004. My first show was a morning zoo crew type show that was really rough around the edges but taught me how to manage my media, produce an entertaining show, and really the finer points of podcasting. Next, I moved on to a show I created called “Bearcrawling” where the tagline was “Metal Attitude meets Talk Radio.” There I became widely known as the “Rock God of Podcasting” and started building my network of contacts. I retired that show after 5 years, 300 episodes, and 5 award nominations to become more focused in the content I create. Along the way, I ended up starting a grassroots network called the Bearcrawling Nation that was adsorbed into Adam Curry’s No Agenda Global Radio where I became his A&R guy for 2 years.


Currently I am host of the multiple award-nominated shows including  “Rock God of Podcasting” which is a no holds barred AMA meets Kevin Smith storytelling with a healthy dose of Tony Robbins inner growth,  “Pokemon GO Podcast” which is the #1 show about the game that is revolutionizing how we interact with games, and “Breaking the Panel” which is a “view” style discussion show where the headlines are merely a jumping-off point for a deeper discussion about the news and happenings in the world of comics from the bookstores to the big screens. In January of 2016, I launched a comic based Podcasting network in partnership with Blog Talk Radio called “Giant Size Team Up” network which is positioned to be on par with Smodcast by Kevin Smith and the Nerdist by Chris Hardwick in a year or two.


Beyond everything I have seen and done in the world of podcasting I am also the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, A former paramedic, a father of four kids (all with the same woman), and despite my negative efforts I have managed to stay married to my first wife for 15 years. I am a full-time professional podcaster with high energy, have a radioactively contagious passion for life, and am eager to answer the question you haven’t asked yet!

I first heard Charles while listing to his now defunct podcast “Bear Crawling Nation”.  I was working nights at a second job and his voice kept me company when I had no others to talk with.  His style made him seem very approachable and one night, I sent him a thank you for doing what he did by email.

He responded back and our friendship has grown ever since.  He is a very success and motivation driven individual and we have been through many ups and downs, both professionally and personally, but he always takes the time to “So … tell me what’s going on in your life” and catch up and help where he is asked.

I know I would not be taking the lead in many areas of my life without his support and help through out the years with his no nonsense way of ‘calling it like it is’ and making you want to take action and live by proud example, not common methodology.

~ Nolan Overton,

When I think of Charles, I think humor and honesty and family. He’s always up front about what he thinks and respectful of others’ opinions. I like working with him because he’s very relatable and approachable, works hard, and takes pride in what he does. He may be a Bear, but he’s a very caring person with a big heart. ~Leah Juster

He is quite possibly one of the most positive people I know. The man can spin almost any negative situation into a positive opportunity.  He is a fearless networker and always full of questions attempting to quench an insatiable thirst for knowledge. His technical knowledge is spot on and the man knows how to get one heck of a cup of coffee. Most likely because he holds a genuine interest in every person he meets and engages with, and listens to them completely.  One of the best people on Earth.   ~Jay Soderberg, Director of Community – Blog Talk Radio

Charles has an engaging yet comforting manner of speaking. He doesn’t pull punches but he is also non threatening. He has a way of drawing a person out and allowing them to come to the conclusion he is leading them towards as opposed to just telling them what they want to hear. ~Ed Miller

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