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Watch Ermergered: The Mashup Show #22

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Show Summary

Tonight –  Charles & Erin fire up the camera and in true Iron Chef style  they bring a secret ingredient to the table! In tonight’s mix off you get the Essence of Evanescence.

Watch the video!

This episode was filmed before a live studio audience. (not)  Ok, it was filmed live before a select group of internet fans. Wanna see? Just swing by MashupPodcast.Com!

The Songs:

Mashstix – DJ Lizzart – Hot Over Me Now (DJ Fresh & Rita Ora vs. Evanescence)

Mashstix – Martinn – Dangerous Life (Evanescence vs. David Guetta)

Mashstix – DJ Sherlock Peroit – Everybody’s Escape (A.R. Rahman vs. Evanescence vs. Shimi Cohen)

Mashstix – g4gorilla – Bring Frankenstein back to my street (DJ Jazzy Jeff vs Gene Wilder & Evanenescence)

The Earworm  

Mashstix – DJ Fissunix – Empire State of Metal (Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys vs Evanescence)


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