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RGOP: What Makes You Happy?

According to my amazing showrunner and producer Mike Woodard I am strong in the dark side of the force. By that he was saying I tend to go into negative things that happen to me and how I turn them around. He specifically guided me to be free in what I say but see what I can do about sharing the happiness in my life. This was oddly enough a tough thing for me to manage as you will experience here. Mike was right my strength is in talking about bad juju and making it good so I accepted the challenge and kept myself on track to be happy. You will hear all kinds of great stories from me today – some of which have never been shared in public before!

I tell stories so to be blatantly honest if you want to know the answer to the question then hit play. Here you will get metal attitude, high energy humor, and unbridled honesty. My life is about making awesome stories and sometimes they are shared through NSFW language.

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