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Listen to Success Freaks #206 – How to Stay Up When You’re Down

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On this episode of Success Freaks, our topic comes from listener Dawn in the H.O.B.A. Hideaway.  We ask the burning question… is laughter REALLY the best medicine?  We tackle depression and its ramifications.  In Level Up, we learn that LIFE is the best cereal, no wait… medicine?  (Yes, medicine)  And, not to take yourself out of the game.  In On Beyond, we talk about developing the tools and refining your beliefs.

Segment One –  

Charles tells us a bit about how to support the show (Psssst! Go Here!)  One of our patrons, Listener Dawn, asks a question from the H.O.B.A. Hideaway: How can we stay positive in our lives while dealing with serious health issues?  Answering that question sparked this week’s topic, “How to stay Up when you’re Down.”  How do we stay positive in the face of life’s challenges, whether they be medical, financial, relationship related, work related, etc.?

Segment Two –

Mordant touches base on how truly difficult it can be to recover from life’s challenges.  Charles talks about the importance of BELIEF.  Living your life with positivity helps that recovery.  Sometimes removing yourself from negative influence or attempting to battle depression is an excellent way to make your way back from being down.  Mordant follows up with the idea that you can become addicted to the negative in life.  Helping yourself deal with depression is similar to helping a friend or loved one.  Maintain a positive outlook and attitude.  Live your life.

Segment Three

In the Chatroom: Listener Mike wants us to make a distinction between being Depressed and just being “in a funk.”  Mordant clarifies that being “in a funk” can mean a lot more than just having a bad day.  In either case, the guys make the point that they aren’t trying to say ”Feeling down?  Well, that’s on you… snap out of it!  Suck it up!”  The Chatroom had a lot to say about Depression and Listener Lauren comes forward with the best description of depression EVER.  Mordant points out that there’s a difference between depression caused by events in life and depression brought on by medical reasons.  Charles & Mordant go on to discuss the “Body and Mind Connection.”  If you need help with your depression, don’t hesitate to pursue that help.  At the same time, be aware that you can improve your life by taking control and making changes.  Get the help you need but, don’t forget to help yourself!

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Segment Four –

Level UpReact to the herd without letting it lead.  Desensitize yourself to get over your hurdles.

Charles’ Level Up: Choose to accept or deny messages about yourself.  Accept the positive messages and deny the negative.

Mordant’s Level Up: Life is the best medicine.  Live your life.  Don’t get out of the game because it’s hard.  Look for anything in life you can improve.  Take your victory lap.  Show yourself some love!

Segment Five –

On Beyond Success Freaks: Charles & Mordant go Bigger, Badder, Better, More….  The Law of Attraction and the ability to take control of your life are very real things.  Keep hold of your sense of humor.  Live life with all it’s challenges “head on.”  And, most importantly, make an real effort to enjoy it!

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