Ermergerd: The Mashup Show



    This show is an amazing mix of humor, chemistry, stories, and music. A Mash-up is when you take two or more songs and “mash” them together with hopefully a good outcome. Currently we record two shows at a time on any given night and release the show once a week on Mondays. What this means is as you suggest mash-ups and send in your emails – and you should we love it! – it may take three or four episodes to have it be on the air.


    Charles McFall is a long time podcaster and producer who loves music in general and mash-ups specifically. He is the host of “From the Helicarrier“, “Success Freaks” and a new show in development.


    Erin McFall is a domestic goddess who knows how to save money on everything, has a love for good mash-ups, and knows how to keep “Epic Boss McFall” in check.


    Hear Full Episodes at MashupPodcast.com

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